Summer Camp at East Side Projects, Birmingham

EOP Summer Camp Gallery Show
Last Day Saturday graphic for East Side Projects Summer Camp Exhibition

Showcasing the works of EOP (Extra Ordinary People) members at East Side Projects Birmingham, this exhibition is open Wednesday – Friday 12-5pm. 7-15 October 2022

East Side Projects


The culmination of Summer Camp 2022, the exhibition will include works by Katayoun Jalilipour, Alex Parry, and Basel Zaraa, who will be in residence at Eastside Projects from 27 September – 7 October, and live performances by Crow Dillon-Parkin and Lucifer Sky, alongside a showreel and exhibition of new works by artists who are members of EOP.

Summer Camp Show continues in the gallery and online on STREAM until 15 October.

Summer Camp is an opportunity for EOP members to try out ideas, collaborate, experiment, share work and take over Eastside Projects. Extra Ordinary People (EOP) is Eastside Projects’ Associate membership scheme. EOP works with artists, curators, and art-writers to support the development of work, ideas, connections and careers through a programme of events, opportunities, and projects.

Exhibition photography by Stuart Whipps


Charlie Kirkham 'The New Creation' two layers of birch ply laser cut image of the garden of eden with dragons
‘The New Creation’ 30cm (wood size), 40x40cm (frame size), laser cut birch ply by Charlie Kirkham

The work I have in this show is one of my experimental laser cut wooden pieces. The narrative belongs to my George and the Dragon series, where I explore the backstory of the dragon in the context of feminist theory and environmental issues. The dragon character is reimagined as the emblem of a species driven to extinction by mankind.

Charlie Kirkham 'The New Creation' pencil drawing artwork of the Garden of Eden with dragons
The original pencil sketch for ‘The New Creation’ focusing on the dragons’ reception to the addition of humanity to Paradise

The concepts are easier to follow in the original sketch where the scales on Adam and Eve are still in tact and their conjoined creation status is reflected. For the conjoined creature I’ve mixed ideas from Plato with Genesis creation stories. A mythic interpretation of The Fall states that originally Adam and Eve had fingernail like scales all over, when they realised they were naked the scales fell off them remaining only on the tips of fingers and hands. Creating the fruit trees I used pomegranate and apple, giving the multiple dragons lots of space to inhabit! At the back the angels with fiery swords, who reappear in later drawings, guard the entrance and exit to the Garden of Eden.

Charlie Kirkham 'The New Creation' two layer papercut in pink and brown artwork of the Garden of Eden with dragons
This is the second iteration in papercut (2 layer) format. ‘The New Creation’ 30x30cm rose pink on brown papercut, Charlie Kirkham.
Charlie Kirkham 'The New Creation' two layer wooden laser cut artwork of the Garden of Eden with dragons
Side view to show the wooden depth and scorch marks

Charlie Kirkham's wooden artwork at Summer Camp Exhibition in East Side Projects Birmingham, UK, photography by Stuart Whipps
Circled to show which one is mine, sadly I’m not sure who the other artworks belong to. If one is yours, please let me know and I’ll edit to tag you 🙂


For more information about EOP

For Summer Camp information

To see Charlie’s work and installation shots by Stuart Whipps click here

Stuart Whipps Portfolio

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