Sharing my creative drawing process: steps towards ‘The Gift of Fire’

Working from an idea into a drawing

In pondering the backstory of the Dragon (from my George and The Dragon series), there have been a number of moments when I wonder about all sorts of strange things. One of the questions was

“How did the dragon end up breathing fire?”

Mythologies vary and the characters in the series are very much becoming my own strangely bastardized creations. I came up with a strange story combining motifs of the angels guarding Eden with their fiery swords and the dragon’s fall from Paradise. In the Biblical narrative humanity is the focus. Nevertheless, the Dragon ends up excluded by the same wall of fiery swords.

I attempted an enclosed look with the black surround, then disliked it so much I used a mount to cover it. Here it is pre-mount.

What if as humans were attempting re-entry the dragon brushed past an angel? Would the fire transfer? This is the central theme here. The angel rushing to bar mankind’s re-entry and in the process accidentally bestowing fire onto the expelled dragon.

Charlie Kirkham ink drawing 'The Gift of Fire' depicting an angel and a dragon. original artwork ink on paper
‘The Gift of Fire’, ink on handmade paper, 24x27cm, Charlie Kirkham

Thank you for reading my musings on this one. What do you think of the drawing and the backstory? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.


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