Six week strategy made to build interest in your fabulous art exhibition

Here’s a quick cheat sheet to refer to when you’re planning out content before an art exhibition, online launch or event. It’s a countdown to the big day…build the excitement and reward the loyalty of your followers at the same time.

six weeks strategy to marketing art exhibition artist save the date and studio shots

Week 6

Save the date with the basic information on the what, where and how of the event sent out to mailing list. If the artworks are still in your studio and need sending off soon now is the time for last minute video footage with the final works.

“Tuesday 6 December 2022: Amazing Artist is exhibiting at Superb Venue, opening 6-9pm”

five weeks to launching art exhibition artist share dates and venue for marketing art show

Week 5

Build up a little more on the story, reminder of the date and venue, link to social media of organisers or venue and share the official Press Release with your mailing list.

“Amazing Artist is sharing their story behind Wow Artworks showing soon at Superb Venue. The event is organised by Organisers who have written this Press Release.”

four weeks before art exhibition marketing via social media artist share stories and teaser photos

Week 4

Start to drop teaser content that is more personal, behind the scenes in nature. Email your list and share on social media.

“Hi! I’m Amazing Artist and I’d like to tell you more about my Wow Artworks showing at Superb Venue. The inspiration behind Wow Artwork 1 was my adventures mountain climbing in the Himalayas where the colours influenced the palettes used in these paintings…here’s a photo of me up a mountain and one of the palettes related to this”

three weeks to launch of artist art exhibition marketing buzz around the inspiration artwork

Week 3

Build up the buzz more on social media by sharing behind the scenes of the work heading to the venue, packing shots and inspiration. Expand on Week 4’s email by sharing another personal story about the artworks.

“My Wow Artwork 3 is based on a muted, sky themed palette. Lots of you have asked me about the story behind this which I’ll share here…”

Blog about the artworks and venue, the application process and any other aspects that your subscribers would like to hear.

three weeks to launch artist exhibition or event share why artist is excited share process images

Week 2

Share a teaser image of an artwork (maybe a detail or process image), hype up the venue and the credentials of other artists taking part. Explain why this is so exciting for you as an artist.

Think about why you applied and use that as the basis for explaining why it matters to you and your followers.

one week before art exhibition marketing to promote other artists and share live art events

Week 1

Share the love. Use social media to reference and promote other artists in the exhibition, reach out to anyone you admire but haven’t connected to yet. Email you mailing list with another reminder plus images of the artworks that will be available (again process, detail or packing shots work well). Send out any official e-flyers or private view invites to your contact list. Use social media to promote the opening event.

Schedule out any online events that you’ll be involved in during the show and put place holders in your social media planner for photographs and videos of the exhibition in situ as they come in.

launch art exhibition show artists work artworks images in art show

Week 0 – LAUNCH!

Email your list on launch day with a final reminder. Ensure you’re posting to social media or have it scheduled to launch. Share images of the work in situ and enjoy the fruits of all that hard work!

Good luck whipping up a frenzy of interest for your art show, I’d love to here how it goes in the comments. If you have a strategy recommendation, or have read something that really helped you let me know either via Instagram or here.


General artist help with tips on getting more visible online

Jerry Saltz’s book is a must read for all those days when you wonder why you’re an artist!

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